Before this past year I never knew about the relationship between Law Enforcement and the Special Olympics. Being able to support this cause and getting the opportunity to raise money for the Special Olympics really warms my heart and by recognizing this partnership shows that this is only the beginning of my involvement.

I find it extremely humbling to see how many Law Enforcement Officials participate in these events to raise money each year. I volunteer as well as see many events along the same line as these, for example at my schools Special Olympic activities. I love seeing the big smiling faces on each of the athletes participating. When I heard talk about the Polar Plunge this year I didn’t think that I was going to have the chance to jump since I am currently only an intern. Not long after, some of the officers asked if I would like to join and I was ecstatic to donate, raise money, and jump into freezing cold water.

To all who have donated or plan on donating, thank you for supporting this cause. I look forward to involving myself in more of these activities to raise money in the close future.


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