Sarah E. Boys Memorial 2018 Polar Plunge

                                                                      11/7/79 - 09/08/17

At last year’s Decatur Polar Plunge, Sarah’s dad made a promise to her.  He told her he would make the PLUNGE one more year as he would retire from plunging after turning 70.  She also wanted to set a goal of making $4,000 for the plunge.  Sarah agreed he should retire as sometimes he looked like a frozen iceberg!  As we all know, Sarah ruled but little did we know that the 2017 Plunge would be the last one Sarah would live to see.  So, Bill is making this plunge as a Memoriam to Sarah.

We will always love and remember Sarah for that wonderful smile, her amazing pride, her outspokenness and her lively spunk & sassiness!   She overcame so much in her life.  She wasn't suppose to walk or talk but she proved everyone wrong and boy did she express herself!!   But her lifelong battle with cystic fibrosis, diabetes, & hydrocephalus ended courageously, fighting till the end. 

Sarah had two things she wanted to see.  One was to see a Tribute Park made for all the wonderful donors, volunteers, coaches, parents and of course athletes.  That was accomplished and it is so beautiful.  But Sarah’s greatest hope was to take the word “retard” out of the vocabulary of people who spoke about special people just like her.  She fought hard to end that word and hoped that all people “respected” everyone’s self-being.  In school, she was hurt as she was bullied by words like "stupid", "dumb" but especially "retard".  Some told her that this word would always stay in the everyday vocabulary because unfortunately it described a certain population.  Sarah was quick to say that there were other words that were not so hurtful that could be used.  And…guess what, she won that battle, as well as so many others!  She was ecstatic when that word “retard” was taken out of vocabularies describing herself and all of her fantastic friends!  In her speeches, she wasn’t sure she could correctly say “intellectual disabilities” but by golly she did and loved the fact that the only word she knew that started with “re” was RESPECT.  

Special Olympics was always Sarah’s love.  She participated in every sport she could and we truly believe that Sarah lived her life to the fullest because of it!  Not only did she participate in so many sports but she was a spokeswoman, an advocate for others and herself and was fortunate to serve on the Board of Directors for Special Olympics Illinois.  She made so many long-lasting friendships along her life span.  Sarah was an inspiration to so many.  Her smile soaked up everyone she met.   She would always try to accomplish whatever was put in front of her.  If she failed, Bill & I knew she had done the best she could.  We were so very proud of Sarah and all of her amazing accomplishments.  As the Special Olympics oath reads:  "Let me win, but if I can not win, let me be brave in the attempt".   She certainly lived up to that oath.  Sarah was so very brave and those that knew her well knew she did not give up easily.  We applaud Sarah for her courage and tenacity to live life to its fullest.

These monies that are raised by this Polar Pledge will continue to help the 22,000 athletes in Illinois, her teammates, who compete in the sports they love and will help to build lifelong friendships.

 Donating through this site is simple, fast, and secure. It is also the most efficient way to make a contribution to my Polar Plunge efforts and show your support for Special Olympics Illinois.  However, if you'd prefer to mail a check to our home, please make it out to Special Olympics Illinois, mailing it to Bill or Paula Boys 28 Ridge Lane Dr., Decatur, IL   62521.

 Sarah’s favorite sport was, of course, Equestrian.  Sarah’s biggest dream she shared was when she passed, her horse SM would sweep down from the skies to pick her up and they would fly to heaven.  We know her DREAM came true.  Thank you for your help in making other’s dreams come true.  Thank you for being such a huge part of Sarah's life and support system.

Our love,

Bill & Paula Boys



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