My name is Micah Burton I am in 5th grade also a full time volunteer for Special Olympics for disabled kids they play sports, games and all kinds of cool stuff like that. I've been to a lot of games with my big brother he is an athlete, its so fun! He has autism. Last year for instance they played basketball, and the most awesomest part about it is when they make a goal their smile, its so big cause their happy and proud, they feel good about their self. That is why I want to do this plunge for them and try to help get the money to be able to do things that make them happy.

                                                          “Be Bold and Get Cold''

                        for the 22,000 Special Olympics athletes participating across Illinois.

To jump into the frigid waters, I have set a personal fundraising goal and I need your help to reach it!  Any amount is appreciated – it all goes to one “cool” cause and gets me that much closer to my icy dip. Simply visit scroll down to support a plunger  (micah burton or Team Burrrtons page to help my Dad and I reach our goal together!! Thank you in advance and lets spread the word!



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