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Dad's On The Run

A group of Belleville, IL fathers will be participating in the 2019 Des Moines Register’s Annual Great Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) to benefit Special Olympics Illinois and William M BeDell ARC.   For the last 56 years more than 10,000 cyclists ride across Iowa beginning at the Missouri River and ending at the Mississippi River. This year’s event will go from Sunday July 21 to July 27 with participants covering nearly 430 miles (around60 miles per day).  This is the second year that the Belleville, IL group has participated in the RAGBRAI. 

RAGBRAI is sometimes called the mother of all week-long rides because of the large number of riders and the special treatment riders get. Towns and roads shutdown and people open their homes and host riders. The host families are one of the best parts of the RAGBRAI experience. Iowans welcome these cycling strangers into their homes overnight.

It was the incredible generosity of the Iowans that inspired this group to dedicate their ride to raise funds and awareness for a charity close to their hearts - Special Olympics Illinois.  Together, the riders have set a goal of raising $5,000 around their efforts.  The riders on the team are making contributions and reaching out asking others to contribute for the great work of the Special Olympics and as a way to say, “Thank You!” to the wonderful hosts of RAGBRAI.

Meet the Team

Scott Brunworth Grew up in a small town in Michigan and after high school moved to Denver, CO, where he met his wife (Jen). They have a teenage daughter and son. He happily completed every mile of his first (and only) RAGBRAI. 

Don Cherry lives in Belleville, IL, IL with my wife Paige and two children DJ and Christopher.  He teaches in a Catholic grade school, and his wife is an educator in higher education.  He has taught for over 30 years and still enjoys each and every day in the classroom.  Golf was his passion but since hooking up with these boys from the team he’s taken to triathlons and especially biking.  He is truly look forward to crossing Iowa again on his second RAGBRAI with the team.

Steve Madura Steve and his wife Etta have been married for 18 years and have two wonderful kids Olivia (18) and Braden (14). His son has had Type 1 Diabetes for about five years, which has been a huge change in his family life. He has coached baseball teams and helped with coaching soccer as well. He manages Green Mount Road Harley-Davidson (the most environmentally friendly Harley-Davidson dealership in the country). This is Steve’s second RAGBRAI with the team.

Chris Malacarne and his wife Shaney have a teenage daughter and are high school sweethearts. Now they work together in their commercial photography business. Chris has been a commercial photographer for over 20 years in the St. Louis area. Chris is into fitness and likes taking on adventure challenges. This will be his first RAGBRAI and the longest bike ride he has ever done.

Chad Rollins has lived in Belleville, IL, Illinois for the last 16 years with his wife, Chris Rollins.  Chad has been Married for 20 years and has the good fortune of having two wonderful daughters age 18 and 16. Chad is an avid cyclist and does several triathlons during the year. He is Executive Director of William M. BeDell arc in Wood River, Illinois. He is a Director on the Board of the Special Olympics of Illinois.

Greg Sierra Is a Belleville, IL native. With his wife Sara, they live in west Belleville with their four kids (7-18years). Greg completed several RAGBRAIs as he attend the University of Iowa prior to graduating in 1999. He credits Chad Rollins with bringing him back to RAGBRAI. His day job is accounting professor at SIUE.



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